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Our mission is to offer high quality solutions for all issues related to protection, consolidation and transportation of products. We base our solutions on a customer-oriented and innovative business philosophy focusing on a sustainable relationship with our customers, suppliers, employees, the environment and society.
— Mission Statement, Wim Grietens


WGP NV was founded by Wim Grietens in 2006 and as from the start, the cardboard edge protector was the first product sold to our customers. WGP NV quickly became an essential player in the world of cardboard edge protectors. By focusing on the core business and the optimization of the production for the revolutionary cardboard pallet, it was decided to halt the production.

Today, the production has been transferred abroad where the production conditions are more favourable. Thanks to detailed and automated logistics we manage to ensure flexibility, reliability and speed of delivery.

Eco-Logistic was renamed in 2010 in order to emphasise our core business. We can rely on years of consulting and trading experience in the paper and cardboard industry and as a manufacturer we try to make a difference in both protective and environmentally friendly packaging. Responsible waste management with 100% recyclable or biodegradable packaging is slowly but surely becoming the norm. Today sustainable development, respect and care for the environment are an integral part of our business model.

With this in mind, the idea emerged to specialise in environmentally friendly packaging applications. Our products comply 100% with the strictest quality and environmental requirements.

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