Optimum surface protection


  • 100% recyclable paper
  • FSC certified

Brochure (PDF-NL)

Options for this product:

  • self-adhesive strip (self-adhesive tape, hot-melt)
  • moisture-repellent properties
  • white cardboard
  • PE-coated
  • logo printing possible in up to 6 colours

hoekprofiel i1
The flatboard protects surfaces against pressure from strapping.
hoekprofiel i1
The flatboard can be cut to measure in order to secure goods.
hoekprofiel i3
The flatboard can be placed between the goods to avoid friction.
hoekprofiel i4
A short flatboard may be placed underneath the strapping to avoid that the packing tape cuts through the packaging.
hoekprofiel i1
The flatboard can be used to protect goods with a rounded surface against pressure caused by strapping.
hoekprofiel i1
The flatboard is useful for leveling and positioning.
hoekprofiel i3
Flatboards can be fixed to the wall to protect goods against friction.
hoekprofiel i3
Flatboards can support goods and protect corners in storage facilities.

User-specific dimensions